Renate Pfeuffer
Conference interpreter

sworn interpreter (Regional Court of Frankfurt)

Member of BDÜ VKD Languages:

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Renate Pfeuffer
Lönsstraße 8
Germany 61250 Usingen
Phone: 00 49 (0) 6081 16580
Fax 00 49 (0) 6081 16746
Professional address. Frankfurt/Main

Abridged General Conditions:

The comprehensive General Conditions may be found in the VKD work contract. The following clauses are particularly pertinent:

Should the interpreter be unable to attend to the conference after signing a contract, he/she is required to send an appropriate substitute.
Should the employer terminate the contract, he/she will remain liable for a fee equivalent to 80 % of the agreed cost, payable to the interpreter, plus the cost of all expenses, which the interpreter has already incurred (such as tickets for travel). This sum may be reduced should the interpreter be able to find an alternative source of income (such as another conference) during the period booked.
To facilitate the best quality standards, the interpreter must be provided with documents, files and presentations relating to the conference at least two weeks prior to the event. All written texts that will be read aloud must be provided at least one day before the start of the conference.
The interpreter undertakes to treat all files, speeches and any other information he/she receives during the conference with the utmost confidentiality.
The full interpreting fee, plus compensation for all expenses paid in advance by the interpreter, is due on the last day of the conference or on presentation of an invoice. VAT is payable, unless the invoice is send to and paid by a company located abroad.


Renate Pfeuffer