Renate Pfeuffer
Conference interpreter

sworn interpreter (Regional Court of Frankfurt)

Member of BDÜ VKD Languages:

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Simultaneous interpreting:

The interpretation of language while the speaker is speaking (i.e. simultaneously), undertaken in turns by two interpreters sitting in the same booth, with technical support being provided by a technician. Ideal for conventions, conferences and seminars attended by numerous delegates.

Whispered interpreting:

All spoken language is translated at whisper-level while the speaker is speaking (i.e. simultaneously) by one or two interpreters who either sit or stand behind a small audience (maximum two people). No equipment is required. For bigger audiences, the interpreter uses a microphone and the translation is transmitted via earphones. Mobile equipment is needed. This is less expensive than standard simultaneous equipment but the auditory quality is less satisfactory. Appropriate for plant visits, and small conferences. To ensure acceptable interpreting quality, with minimal background noise, no more than two conference languages can be accommodated.

Consecutive interpreting:

Spoken language is interpreted at the end of the speech or at intervals during the speech (depending on the length of the speech). One or two interpreters translate the words during the intermittent pauses. Appropriate for welcome speeches, or presentations in conferences. Technical equipment is not required, but the speech takes twice as long to deliver (the original speech plus the translated version).

Liaison interpreting:

The interpreter translates small sections of the dialogue, sentence by sentence, either consecutively or by whispering. If the working time for the interpreter does not exceed 6 hours/day and there are 15 minute breaks (minimum) every 1½ hours, one interpreter will suffice. Technical equipment is not required, but each portion of dialogue takes twice as long to deliver (the original dialogue plus the translated version).


Renate Pfeuffer